Monday, November 10, 2014


Hi Lovelies!!! It's been months since I last blogged... I know it's my fault. I get to over whelmed and sometimes think if it's worth it, but the other day I read an article from the talented and most nicest and funny gal and fellow blogger Polished Ways, who gave me the motivation to start blogging again. If you want to read her blog article you can go Here , she also has a Facebook which is Here .

I always wondered how can these girls manage to keep up with their blogs and so many other social media pages etc. My problem is NOT being organized. I have to start a routine and stick by it and make sure nothing is standing in my way!! I really enjoy writing and reviewing things I buy or that are sent to me. The only problem I sometimes have is on how to express what I want to write. I hope this makes sense to you and understand what I'm writing! jaja

Moving on to the article, it states that first of all- if you want to start blogging you must know exactly what you want to blog about. This is so true! You can't just start blogging on anything you're not familiar with or know nothing about.You must be passionate about what you want your blog to be.

I want to thank Polished Ways for her great article that really helped me and I'm sure has helped and inspired so many other's.

Anyway I just wanted to let ya know that I will be posting more often and that I really missed my blog! Even if I don't have lots of follower's or even if no one reads them! jaja

Cheer's yours truly


  1. Welcome back! I've recently started blogging so I can TOTALLY relate to feeling overwhelmed and like no one is reading. It's truly a labor of love! I can't wait to see your continued posts!!

    1. Aww ... Thanks! I know right! I subscribed to your blog! Can't wait to know more about your work ;)


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