Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Born Pretty Store Nail Stamp Review

Hi Lovely's! Hope you are all having a great day. I have been a bit MIA these days and not posting often. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with all the house chores and other things I have to do... But I'm here today to show you a nice nail sticker or nail stamp.

First this gorgeous Peony Vine nail stamp sticker was sent to me from BornPrettyStore for an honest review and that's what I'll do. It only comes with one nail stamp and it can easily be applied in two nails or one if your nails are longer than mine. Here is a picture of the one I got:

It's quite easy to apply if you look carefully at the pictorial step by step :

1-Paint your nails with desire color
2- Cut out the area of the nail stamp you are going to use or use it all if your nails are long.
3-Apply the nail stamp with the sticky side down and gently position it as you wish.
4- Then slowly add drops of water and pat gently down with finger until you feel it is apply and softly slide the paper down and make sure the image has stick to the nail.
5- Remove excess water with a napkin.
6- Last add a top coat and your done!

Let me be honest...At first I didn't understand the instructions until I messed up a piece of it Lol. 
So I only got to do one nail with it. Here is the result and I hope you like it.

If you like this nail stamp sticker and would like to see other designs you can find it at : 
Nail Stamp Water Decal . Remember that BornPrettyStore ships FREE WORLDWIDE!! You can also use my 10% off  CODE- MATTG10 .

Thank's for your support and please leave any question or comment if you need to.


  1. Beautiful! I didn't know the sheets were so small though. Thought you could do an entire hand!


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