Thursday, April 10, 2014

All Fashion on ebay-Kleancolor Holo Polishes Review

These polishes were sent for my HONEST review...

Hi Lovely's...
Around a week and a half ago I received these beautiful Kleancolor Holo Polishes and another item that I will show you later for review from Their web site is on ebay and most if not all of the items are free shipping! Their prices are quite fair (maybe they can do better on some items).

Let's talk about the polishes... Well who doesn't LOVE Kleancolors?! They have amazing polishes and are great for stamping too! The polishes I got are Holo's and I must say they are Gorgeous!!! You'll see the swatches I've done. The only "problem" I had was that Holo Chrome was a bit too thick, but that was no fuss, I added a few drops of sechevite restore and all was good. I also did a nice Easter egg mani that you will see at the end. So let's see them pretties!!! P.S. They take a while to dry.

Find them HERE

This color here is Holo Green- I just applied 2 coats,but you can do more if you want it darker.

 Next is Holo Blue one of my favorites. I applied 2 coats.

    Holo Yellow is here! Although it looks more to a gold than a yellow :)

Holo Chrome is so pretty! I did 2 coats also.

Holo Orange it's cute I also used 2 coats (remember you can add more coats if you want)

Last but NOT least is my FAVORITE!!! Holo Pink! Wow I just Love it.

So I decide to do an Easter mani although I had a bit of a problem since I don't have and Easter stamping plate yet. Then I saw an image on a Cheeky Jumbo plate that looked like I could use it for Easter so I went for it!!! What I did was I used some of the polishes with a sponge and swiped across, stamped and then added some spots with acrylic paint. Hope you like it!   

Once again if you are interested in getting these or any other Kleancolor Polishes you can do so through

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