Friday, March 28, 2014

The Solution to GFC (Google Friend Connection) button

Today I want to share with you how I temporally fixed the ISSUE with the GFC button. So as I spent hours and days trying to figure out what to do and looking every where in the Internet for a solution... I came across a Google forum where there, they suggested to do what I'm going to explain and step by step guide you through so you can add what I did to get follower's to follow through GFC.

Ok here are the steps:

1- Go to your page layout
2- Once there pick ADD A GADGET
4- There you're going to add ALL this generic code. 
     <a href="" >Follow via GFC</a> 
5- Make sure to write ALL the code that is shadowed in YELLOW!
6- In the code where it says YOURBLOGID that's where you're going to add the blogs ID and you can also write something like - Click here to JOIN THIS SITE by Google Friend Connect.
7-To find blog ID in Blogger :
-Go to your Blogger home page. It is also called dashboard.
-Now you may see the names of your blogs. Of which blog do you want to find the blog ID? Click on that
  blog name.
-Now look at the address bar. The number which follows 'blogID=' is your blog ID.

After you have done ALL this save and arrange the gadget where you want!

This WILL work if you follow the instructions step by step. If you have any problem please let me know.


  1. When you say to add the words from the non blue words to the end of the non blue words, what do you mean? You need to clarify please.

    1. ALL that is in Yellow is the code.... Because the first few letters are black then there are the blues ones and at the end there are black letter's. At The End that's why I shadowed the whole code in yellow. :)


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