Saturday, January 18, 2014

Princessa Nail Polish

 Hi Gorgeous!..
Today I'm going to review/swatch some polishes I bought called - Princessa- (Princess in English). I found these pretties at a store at the mall called Excentric they are sold for $2, but were on sale for a $1. I got 4 polishes. Two of these are Jellies, another is a cream and the last one is a Gold tone.

The first one is called Classic Red-

This polish is a cream color and is such a gorgeous red. I have a few reds like this one, but this polish until now is one of my favorites. It is great for stamping. I apply Seche Vite as top coat.

The second one is Royal Blue-

This color is a Jelly and I really like this one, although it stains is not as bad as-Why Not- from Sinful Colors. I used 3 coats and top coat to finish.

This one is Burlesque Red-

This one is a Jelly polish and is so pretty!! It would be just great to use with stamping .It goes on smooth and dries pretty fast. I applied 3 coats and top coat and the color even popped out beautifully. 

The last but not least is Everglade Sparkle-

Now let me say that this color is AMAZING!! I mean even 1 coat is enough! But if you want an extra kick 2 coats is the way to go. It stamps very nice and neat.

Well this wraps it all for today ladies! Here is a picture of all the Princessa Polishes enjoy!

If you liked my review feel free to comment or if you didn't like my review also leave a comment. Cheers ;)


  1. ¡Hola Chica! Me gustan los colores azul y oro el mejor. El oro es el más bonito! Pienso que tenga un color como eso se llama Ziv de Zoya. Es perfecto para hacer una mani con una ..... "luna mitad"? (half moon)

  2. Gracias!!! A mi también me encanta el color oro es mi favorito! Al igual que el azul :)

  3. Todos los colores son preciosos, pero el dorado me ha enamorado . Grandes swatches cielo <3

  4. So pretty and the gold one is gorgeous!


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