Sunday, January 26, 2014

Fab Ur Nails Fun Stamping Plate & Rectangular Stamper...

Hi Lovelies!!

Today I had a great time doing my nails with Fab Ur Nails  Stamping Plate Fun #9 and their rectangular Stamper that were sent to me for review.

I decided to use the Hello Kitty Wonder Woman image. I chose this image because my sister Carmen M. LOVES Super Heroes and her long time favorite is who else but, Wonder Woman! Hope you like it :) .

To do Wonder Woman image nail I used the DIY Sticker Technique that can be found HERE .

                                These are the polishes I used:

The Stamper is not the squishy one. I must say this stamper is a good quality one, but I prefer to use it for one image or if you have short nails it'll be good for you. I will not use it for a full image if you have long nails, specially if your nails are rounded. It's just my honest opinion. MAYBE you can make it work for your long nails, but I rather use the XL squishy Stamper for full image and coverage.

The Fab Ur Nails Fun Plate #9 is a medium plate it's measurement is in inches are: 4 1/2 wide & 6 1/2 long.
If you wish to purchase this and other items go here

As you can see the images are so cute!! (I didn't use my plate because I removed the protective sheet) and there are endless manis you can create with them. I've stamped on a piece of paper a few images so you can see how they stamp.
 I'm not joking when I say the images are crisp and clear! Please excuse my crappy camera.

Finally here is the image of what I did with Hello Kitty Wonder Woman - Simple but yet cute.

Thank You for passing by!! If you liked my review or have any questions please leave a comment and if you didn't like my review leave a comment too... But be nice till next time!


  1. Omg. So freaking cute. I swear I want you to do that on me whenever I go back.

  2. Your nails are pretty :) nice colour :)

  3. Soy una fanatica de Hello Kitty, ¡Me encantan tus uñas! Really, way. too. cute!!! :D


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