Thursday, May 8, 2014

NailThins: 1 of 3 Reviews and Giveaways!

Items sent for review

Hi Lovely's!
I'm really excited and happy to show you guys this 1st out of 3 reviews and giveaways for NAILTHINS that were sent to me. There are so many different styles and motives to choose from, you're going to have a hard time selecting them. They come with instructions on a piece of paper and also they can be used with Shellac/Gel Polish.

In this picture you will see what you need:

I added the cotton swab because I found it easier for me to use than my finger's, But you can use your finger's if it's better for you.

So I chose a floral design nail thin. They are so pretty and you can use it on ALL your nails or just on  one. As you see in the picture below they are 10 flower thins.

Before adding the thin's decide whether you're going to wear them in all your nails or use it on your accent nail. Application begins with/on CLEAN & DRY polished nails.

After your nails are clean and dry you are going to cut your thin design, place on your nail press and smooth out. Trim the excess off from the side of the nail and cuticle, file on downward motion on nail edge,gently back and fourth.

When finished filing smooth design again and seal with two top coat application! And there you have a great mani!.. I decided to do an accent nail only,but remember you can use the as you please.

BUT... I discovered another cute way to use it too when I was removing the nail thin. I saw that the colors from the flower's were getting brighter and brighter every time I was scrubbing on it with cotton and acetone. I really like the way it was looking... So I decided to stop and add some China Glaze -Fairy Dust- some dots and sealed it with topcoat and this is what came out! I LOVED it too. 

If you would like to get these you can find them on NAILTHINS by clicking the link below the Nailthin banner.  :)

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  1. Wow! pretty designs. Nice job! :)

  2. I like them both ways! I think I might actually like the second lighter version better.

    1. Thank you!!! I really like both and you can even change the color of the other nails and have a different many :)

  3. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  4. I really like nail decals, these are adorable. Where can I get nail thins?

    1. Thanks!! You can get them at NailThins :) If you click the banner of NailThins that's in the review it will take you there.


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