Monday, March 3, 2014

2nd part of MoYou London Plate

Hi There!
I know It took a while for me to do this post but, it's finally done!
So today I'll be reviewing and showing you this amazing and cute plate from MoYou London Scholar Collection 05 and all the things I used to create my mani. I must say I really LOVE MoYou plates... They are of good quality and have amazing customer service. You can just access to their FB page and order there or go to their online Shop . I also used Mundo de Uñas stamping polish but that's another story which I'll be telling you later in another post.

So let me start buy showing you the Scholar Plate 05-

   I used the owl, rainbow, butterfly and the phrase-So Sweet- 

                                 The polishes I used are: 

Daisy Does It  -Pastel Yellow- Sunshine Pop

                        Acrylic Paints and a small detailing brush
-Apple Barrel-
Fushia 20216
Turquoise 20210
White 200503
Purple Iris 21486

     Those were the materials I used... Now let me show a few images
     I stamped on paper so you could see how the images look.

     Now onto the final results of what I did on my nails using the
      Sticker Technique ...

I love the 3 different yellow shades I used and how it all came together 
nicely and beautiful! I'm very pleased with the MoYou image Stamping Plate and I recommend you give it a try.

Thank you ALL for stopping by hope you liked it.


  1. wow, I really love these colors...and you did great!!!!!

  2. nice ...what did u use the acrylics for? the black stamping? I know the others were for fill in. If you used black on stamping plate how ? I tried before but it did not work

  3. That owl is way too cute!!! Awesome job.

  4. Wow super cute, I love that you filled in the details with colour, the end result is just stunning! One of the best stamping nails I've ever seen :) xx


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