Sunday, January 12, 2014

Welcome to My Blog


 First of all I want to thank you for joining me in this new phase in my life; this is something I've been wanting to do for a long time... I want to let you know that I'm not a professional, I'm just an amateur who is passionate about Nail Art, Stamping and Polishes.
I began a 1 yr ago with my FB community page here also called Pretty Darn Nails. Through this community I've met some wonderful and amazing people who have supported me and have made me see that I can achieve my dreams and goals. In this Nail community we are ALL sister's and we as a community need to support each other with respect and tolerance. I'm NOT a big talker or maybe find it hard to express myself, a bit shy though. All I know is I put my heart in everything I do to make it right and the best I can.

In this blog I'll posts reviews of products,show my manis and anything related to the nail industry all that is allowed. I'm also willing to learn more each day from my fellow sister's, blogger's and anyone who is genuinely willing to guide me.

Now I'll leave you with some of my first nail art and stamping manicures I've done... The rest are in my FB page Here .
This Mickey & Minnie was Inspired on this LP case gifted to me by my sister
This mani was done using the sticker technique.
Christmas Snow Man done with acrylic paint. 
Using Acrylics
Snow Flakes with acrylics
O.P.I A Phil's Paradise Modern Family Collection
  Cheeky Jumbo Plate Happy Nails

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  1. These manicures are really nice! The last picture has one of my favorite images from the cheeky jumbo plate happy nails

    1. Thank You Sara I also LOVE that image :)

    2. El azul del snow flakes esta belloo!!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank You!!! That really means A LOT to me :)


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